Clean the interior / remove odours

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Does your car interior need a thorough sprucing up? An industrial-strength steam cleaner allows us to remove various stains from your car's interior. A dirty interior if often accompanied by an unpleasant odour. No worries. Our ozone treatment removes all bad odours.

Your car goes to the garage regularly for technical maintenance, but industrial cleaning should be done as well. No time or ambition to that job yourself? No equipment to clean professionally yourself? The car cleaning company Car Beauty Center specializes in reconditioning (cleaning and sprucing up) vehicles. We have an eye for detail and apply it with technical expertise.

Steam cleaning the interior entails the following:

  • Hand wash the bodywork, rims, tires and wheel housings
  • Steam clean and spruce up the engine compartment
  • Wash the door edges
  • Degrease and spruce up the dashboard, console and door panels
  • Deep clean/steam clean the roof liner, car seats, mats, carpets and luggage compartment
  • Clean and polish glass (inside and out)

A dirty interior is often accompanied by an unpleasant odour. No worries. A professional ozone treatment will make your vehicle odourless again.

Ozone, also called "super-oxygen", has a unique ability to absorb bad odours and bacteria, destroying them. Car Beauty Center has invested in this technology for years already. Thanks to our sophisticated ozone equipment, we can successfully remove all unpleasant odours from your vehicle.