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Car Beauty Center is a service company in the automotive sector. We offer a complete service to individuals and companies. Put your vehicle into the hands of a true specialist!

  • Expertise & free price quote
  • Remove sticker and adhesive residu
  • Clean and impregnate (make water resistant) convertible tops
  • Clean the engine compartment
  • Deodorize and apply anti-nicotine treatment (ozone treatment)
  • Clean the seats (deep cleaning/steam cleaning)
  • Clean the leather & apply restorative cream for leather
  • PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) & preparation of new vehicles
  • Recondition (spruce up) used vehicles
  • Removal of paint beading, lime drips, tar stains and other deposits from windows and bodywork
  • Sand and polish out scratches in the paint
  • Remove moisture, mildew and musty odours from the interior
  • Remove urine, blood and vermin from the interior
  • Prepare showroom and test drive vehicles before and during motor shows, events, launches of new models, etc.