Paint sealant / interior sealant

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Car paint has a lot of natural enemies. Bird droppings, dead flies, air pollution, acid rain ñ all of these affect the bodywork. A thorough treatment with Waxoyl applies a paint sealant that guarantees that the exterior of your car will keep its deep shine.

A vehicle is a costly item for both individuals and companies. The value of your fleet can be optimized by having the vehicles treated by a company that specializes in that, such as Car Beauty Center. By providing the bodywork and the interior with extra protection, maximize its resale value at a later time.

Waxoyl Paint Sealant

Thanks to Waxoyl, your car's paint layer is given a high gloss armour that is difficult to penetrate. Because of this protection, the paint is more resistance to many kinds of external harmful influences, such as UV radiation, acid rain, road salt and animal excrement.

Waxoyl contains high quality polymers that are absorbed deeply into the paint and seal the pores, thereby preventing any dirt from having an impact.

Waxoyl's paint sealant guarantees that the exterior of your car will keep its deep shine. After all, a used vehicle has a 24-month manufacturer's warranty (a vehicle more than three months old) and a new vehicle has a 36-month warranty (< 3 months).

U.P.T. sealant for the interior

Liquids and all kinds of dirt can penetrate deep into the upholstery on your vehicle, causing nasty stains. Thanks to U.P.T. sealant, textile fibres are and related, presenting dirt and moisture from being able to penetrate.

The advantages of sealing the interior:

  • Stains can be easily removed with water
  • Dog hair is easier to remove
  • The interior retains that showroom freshness longer
  • There is no discolouration due to sunlight