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Who are we and what drives us?

The story of Car Beauty Center begins in 1998 when Frederik Nuyts’ father takes over a carwash in Wilrijk. Gradually, the side business – industrial polishing of garage cars – became more and more important. Frederik’s father has many good contacts left over from his many years of career in the automotive industry and manages to hitch his cart to some major car groups.

So a few years later, the carwash was sold and Car Beauty Center put full effort into deep cleaning and cleaning new cars. The company moved first to Hoboken, where they had a larger warehouse available, and then to their current location in Kontich.

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Cars, cars and more cars

When Frederik’s father steps down, Frederik comes to head Car Beauty Center, having first gone through all the departments to learn the tricks of the trade. Frederick had been a real car freak since childhood. Everything in the family revolved around cars, and it is even rumored that “car” was his very first word.

In 2012, Frederik Martin Roelants joins the company, a childhood friend. Maarten has a degree in TEW in his pocket, but a 9-to-5 job on an office island doesn’t mean anything to him and he would much rather help build a company.

While Frederik deals with the operational activities, Maarten takes care of the finances. Character-wise, Frederick and Martin also complement each other perfectly. Frederick is solution-oriented, someone who goes through a wall and pushes through when something needs to be decided. Martin is rather patient and conciliatory, and dares to question certain things.

Record year 2023

And that turns out to be a rock-solid tandem. While many businesses went head-to-head during the covid pandemic, Car Beauty Center managed to keep its head above water and emerge stronger from the crisis. Which even leads to a record year in 2023, with growth of as much as 70 percent.

Time for reinforcement! And so Reno and Yarrick, both started on the shop floor and progressed from the core of the company, were brought in to help pull the organization along. Reno as mobile activity coordinator, Yarrick as workshop coordinator. Today, CBC employs about 65 executive employees, plus another handful in the office.

Over the next few years, Frederick plans to focus on the quality of service provided, and then continue to grow steadily. And meanwhile, the new generation is already playing with the cars at home and his 9-year-old son has expressed his desire to take over the family business later …

Car Beauty Center's experts

Our experts take care of numerous businesses and individuals every day, answering their questions about car cleaning. We do not avoid any pollution. With our range of specific quality products and specialized equipment, we tackle the interior and exterior of your car(s). In our workshop in Kontich, we are happy to receive you for industrial cleaning, disinfection, polishing/simmering, paint and interior sealing, and so on.

In addition to our workshop, we have several mobile cleaning units. Ideal when you like to prepare several new vehicles for use or have used cars thoroughly cleaned. You make an appointment and we come by on location. Fast, simple and mobile!

From industrial deep cleaning and simonization to preparing brand-new cars, Car Beauty Center works completely customized to your needs.