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Professional industrial car cleaning

Sometimes dirt is so stubborn or a nasty smell so pervasive that you cannot possibly get rid of it with a simple polishing or a visit to the car wash. The only way to get a car to look like new again, to (re)sell it or get it ready for a new customer or employee, is to rely on a professional car cleaning company like Car Beauty Center.

Tailored to your business

For over 25 years, Car Beauty Center has been supporting numerous companies – garages, refinishers, leasing companies, insurance companies, you name it – across the country in the maintenance and professional cleaning of their fleets,  both inside and outside.

In doing so, we second committed employees to your company, or send a mobile team on site to your event. So that you are relieved of this difficult, specialised job, and your customers and employees can get behind the wheel of a shiny car.

Workshop for individuals

We do not leave private individuals out in the cold either. A paint pot toppled over in the trunk, your child getting carsick in the back seat … an accident happens quickly. But getting everything clean again is often a whole other matter. Or maybe you just want to give your brand-new used car a thorough cleaning so that it not only looks nice, but also smells and feels like new.

Anyway, for an industrial cleaning of your car interior and exterior, you are welcome, by appointment, at our workshop in Kontich.

Some of our services

Polishing and Simonizing

After a few years, your car still shines just that tad less. Let’s bring back the luster and radiance of yesteryear!

Interior Repair

Holes or tears in the leather seats or door trim ? A leather steering wheel and gearshift that have suffered?

Steam cleaning

Could your car use a thorough refresh? Take advantage of our advanced method!

Extreme Contamination

Is your car stained by paint, lime, tar, fly rust, cement residue, …? Then Car Beauty Center is your salvation!


Utilized their services for interior cleaning and deodorization. Result: a car that could be right in a showroom. Even dog hair that was almost intertwined with the fabric of the seats is gone and the car literally smells like new. Clear and transparent communication, and their replacement car was also perfectly fine. Thanks!


Car brought in with paint splatter. Due to a mistake / procrastination by the VW garage, we had to wait way too long for the insurance so some of the paint was already set in, but still the vast majority of it was nicely finished by Car Beauty Center. Very professional and friendly service. Top!


Car bought from somewhere else but this one smelled so hard of cigarettes.... They have taken this car in hand and it is back completely fresh and clean, just like new (but without the new smell). Definitely worthwhile, they are pros!


Professional team, pleasant reception, had smoke odor removed from 2nd hand vehicle, handsome achievement, I didn't think it was going to work but we have no recurring nuisance there after 3 weeks. This is definitely where I'm going to come in the future. A+

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