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Car Beauty Center

Tailored to your business

As a garage owner, fleet manager or car rental company, you are dealing with cars changing hands day in and day out. To make a professional impression on customers or (new) employees, it is essential to offer cars that look perfect. But that takes time, a lot of time. Time that you often do not have as a company, or would much rather spend on your core business.

Moreover, it is not easy to thoroughly clean a car that has been driven for years or has spent weeks on a boat. You can only get rid of stubborn dirt and pungent smell with the right tools and expertise. And that’s exactly what Car Beauty Center can help you with.

With more than 25 years of experience in car cleaning, we are the perfect partner to take this task off your hands. Day in and day out, our team of driven employees supports companies in maintaining and cleaning their fleets. The result? Numerous satisfied customers, where you can belong to soon …

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Business Solutions


Mobile car cleaning for events, including provision of water, electricity and equipment, for a shiny presentation.

On-site cleaning

With our mobile units, we clean cars on site for garages, leasing companies and companies with fleets.

Bodywork Services

Temporarily supplement your team with specialized professionals for flawless paint cleaning to keep your customers happy.

Rental and leasing companies

Specialized reconditioning for a fresh and clean car experience. Mobile units for convenient on-site service!

Garages - Showroom

Garage support with professional car cleaning and additional services such as pre-delivery inspection and transport receipt.

Company cars & commercial vehicles

A fresh start for commercial vehicles with industrial steam cleaning and ozone treatment.

Fleet management

Support for fleet managers and fleet operators with customized cleaning solutions.


Let your car shine inside with our interior cleaning service. From fabrics and upholstery to dashboard and windows, we thoroughly remove dirt and odors for a fresh and comfortable driving experience.


Give your car the shine it deserves with our exterior cleaning service. We clean and protect the paint, remove dirt and stains from the bodywork and provide an impressive exterior that stands out.


For that extra special treatment, we offer specialized cleaning services such as paint restoration, extreme pollution cleaning, and detailing to make your car sparkle in every detail.

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