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Also for private individuals

Because everyone deserves a immaculate car

Just because we at Car Beauty Center work mainly for garages, companies and leasing companies does not mean we leave other drivers out in the cold. On the contrary. Private customers are also welcome at our workshop in Kontich.

Does your car need a thorough detailing before you put it up for sale on a second-hand site? Does your classic car need to shine like new for one of your children’s wedding? Or do you want to finally get rid of those stubborn stains or that nasty smell? Then contact us soon, and together we will see what we can do for you.

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Let your car shine inside with our interior cleaning service. From fabrics and upholstery to dashboard and windows, we thoroughly remove dirt and odors for a fresh and comfortable driving experience.


Give your car the shine it deserves with our exterior cleaning service. We clean and protect the paint, remove dirt and stains from the bodywork and provide an impressive exterior that stands out.


For that extra special treatment, we offer specialized cleaning services such as paint restoration, extreme pollution cleaning, and detailing to make your car sparkle in every detail.