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Want to get your cars ready for your garage’s annual open house or the grand opening of your dealership? Or do you want to surprise the guests of your event with a shiny car afterwards? Then Car Beauty Center, with its years of expertise in car cleaning, is your ideal event partner.

With our mobile units, we will come and clean your cars on site, even if your event venue does not provide connections right away! Indeed, we provide our own water, electricity, high-pressure cleaners and steam cleaners if required, and thus work completely autonomously.

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More of our specialties

On-site cleaning

Could your car use a thorough refresh? Take advantage of our advanced method!

Bodywork Services

After a few years, your car still shines just that tad less. Let’s bring back the luster and radiance of yesteryear!

Garages – Showroom

Is your car stained by paint, lime, tar, fly rust, cement residue, …? Then Car Beauty Center is your salvation!

Fleet management

Stubborn dirt can damage bodywork or upholstery. Unless you get ahead of this with our protection!