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Paint & interior sealing

Because sometimes prevention is better than cure

Stubborn dirt can irrevocably damage your car’s bodywork or upholstery. Unless … you get ahead of this! By adding protection to the bodywork and interior of your fleet, you maximise its subsequent resale value. And for that, you’ve come to the right place with the specialists at Car Beauty Center.

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Paint sealing

Bird droppings, dead bugs, air pollution and acid rain can seriously damage your bodywork. But with a thorough treatment – paint sealing, ceramic coating or glass coating – you can prevent this. Car Beauty Center works completely tailor-made and determines with you the ideal treatment to protect your car from harmful external influences.

These treatments have not one, not two, but three great advantages:

  • From now on, your car’s paintwork will be easier to maintain and clean.
  • It slows down the action of harmful substances.
  • The colour of your car comes out better.

Interior Sealing

Even inside your car, an accident happens quickly, with liquids and other dirt penetrating deep into the upholstery. Thanks to sealing, however, the textile fibres are encapsulated, which means that dirt and moisture are much slower to act on your upholstery from now on. The result? Stains are easy to remove with water, pet hairs are easier to loosen, your interior stays showroom fresh longer and you avoid discolouration caused by sunlight.

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Interior Repair

Stubborn dirt can damage bodywork or upholstery. Unless you get ahead of this with our protection!