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Steam cleaning

The solution for your car interior

Could your car use a thorough cleaning? Because you want to get it ready for sale, for example, or because it has never really been cleaned properly after all these years? Then Car Beauty Center has an advanced method to give your car’s interior a complete makeover: an deep steam cleaning.

In doing so, we use hot steam to thoroughly remove stubborn dirt, stains and smells from your car upholstery. Steam cleaning is 100% effective. And best of all? No harsh chemicals are involved! So you can sleep on both ears knowing that your car seats will be cleaned safely and effectively.

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Such steam cleaning, what exactly does it involve?

First of all, we go over the textiles of your car with the cleaning machine, with the hot steam penetrating deep into the upholstery of your seats, the floor mats and all other surfaces where stubborn dirt has accumulated over the years (the roof lining, the carpeting, the trunk and so on). 

During this cleaning process, we not only kill bacteria and allergens. The hot steam also loosens fibres and makes even the most stubborn stains disappear like snow in the sun.

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Steam cleaning, and more …

Of course, it doesn’t stop at that steam cleaning. Because what good are fresh seats and interior lining if the rest of your car is as dirty as before? Car Beauty Center really goes for the full picture, so on top of deep cleaning the textiles, we also take care of the following:

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