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Deodorizing with ozone treatment

As fresh as new

A professional interior cleaning of your (used) car will ensure a faster sale and a better selling price. But if you really want to impress potential customers, you will also have to tackle the smell. Because while a Christmas tree with pine scent on the rear-view mirror may temporarily provide a breath of fresh air, for really nasty, stubborn smells you are going to have to apply more invasive means.

With specialised deodorisation techniques, Car Beauty Center ensures that your car not only looks like new, but also smells almost as good as when it just came out of the showroom. Thanks to our revolutionary ozone treatment, a unique technology based on so-called ‘super oxygen’, unpleasant smells – tobacco, dogs, you name it – disappear like snow in the sun.

By the way, people with respiratory complaints also benefit. After all, ozone is a natural air purifier and has a sterilising effect, so we also remove all bacteria, viruses, mould and pollen from the air with an ozone treatment.

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