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Polishing and Simonizing

The secret to a shiny car

After a few years, your car still shines just that tiny bit less than when you bought it, even if it has just come from the car wash. Would you like to give your car that shine and look from the past? Well you can, by polishing and simonising it.

Polishing, what is that?

Polishing is an intensive treatment aimed at restoring your car’s paintwork so that light scratches disappear completely. In polishing, a polishing agent is used to smooth the top layer of the paintwork and remove small bumps, such as light scratches, swirls and oxidation.

And simonize?

Simonising involves applying a protective layer to your car’s paintwork. This wax layer provides a deep shine and protects your paintwork from harmful external influences such as dirt, weather influences, road pollution and other forms of damage.

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How does Car Beauty Center proceed?

We start with polishing, using advanced polishing agents and machines to smooth the paintwork of your car. Then comes the simonising: first we will thoroughly clean the paintwork, to remove dirt and dust, and then apply an additional protective (wax) layer. After this professional treatment, your car will look like new again.

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